Friday, March 04, 2011

Finished, or at least part of it

I finished everything over the stove, except I need to make a bead with caulk.  That will be done tomorrow.  Trying to load a photo, but for some reason, computer won't allow it.

My youngest brother, Ronnie will be here tomorrow.  He hasn't seen the house yet.  He & I are going to move the security cameras from Mom's other house to this one. 

I'm wishing I could take a day off, just to sleep late & rest my bones.  My knee is upset with me.  For some reason, it doesn't think I should be playing basketball with my Grandson.  Oh well, if I can get it rested, the swelling will go down like it always does. 

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Jane Smith said...

Didn't get the caulk done today. It took longer than expected to get Mom's security cameras moved & going. Maybe tomorrow.