Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fresh lemons

Mom has a couple of patio size lemon trees. The fruit of one was ripe enough to pick last weekend, but we didn't know if they were really good lemons, ormore of an ornamental type fruit. They were nice big lemons, so we decided to see what they were like.

I went over, prepared to juice them & freeze the juice in single servings. I was pleasantly surprised. The lemons had thin skin, & lots of juice. Most of the lemons yielded about 1 1/2 ounces of juice. I ended up with 11 servings from the first tree. The other tree will probably produce 7 servings. I froze the juice then thawed one a couple of days later. I made a hot lemonade from it. That was the best lemonade I've ever tasted. The lemons didn't have the bitter twist that most grocery store fruit has. All I tasted was the tart lemon flavor, & the honey. Yumm. Wish I had more of those lemons to do me through the winter.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

10 years, already?

Wow, time flies. 10 years ago, I went to work as a contractor for the company I'm with. In a way, it seems like I've been there forever, but in a way, it seems like yesterday. That's what happens when you go where God sends you, instead of going your own direction.

I had done some odd jobs, but nothing with any real substance. No one wanted to hire anyone full time, so I went 2 years without work. Hubby & I talked about it, & we decided that since I couldn't find a job, I'd make one. I filed all the paperwork, printed business cards & brochures, & went from one business to another handing them out. I told everyone I knew that I started a new business, & a few people I didn't know so well. I gave a business card to a friend at a health club swimming pool. He gave it to his son, who works at the local electric company.

I got one offer, but it lasted a few days. After that contract fell through, I told God that since one door closed, He could open another one. Next day, I got a phone call. It was from a guy who worked at an electric company, & got my name & number from a business card given to a guy in a different department, across town.

So much had to fall into place for that card to land in the hands of the man who is now my boss. October 1, 1999 was my first day. I've seen quite a few changes, but I love working with the people in our office. I'm truly blessed.