Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a summer!!!!!!!!

Man, things have been busy. Now, if I can remember what all I have going. :D

I went to San Angelo last Friday & spent the night with my nieces. My niece, Samantha, has a 6 month old daughter. She's adorable, of course. My niece, Laurie, has a son who graduated from kindergarten. These ladies make me feel a little bit old sometimes. Oh well, I have a blast with them. We got in Sam's pool & had a blast. I did learn that you are supposed to wait a little bit longer after applying sunscreen & before getting into the water. Oh well, I didn't burn too bad. Just a little red & not painful.

During the July 4th weekend, I got a pool for our back yard. I've been in it almost every day. Yesterday, while working out in it, I had a muscle cramp in the back of my thigh. I had trouble getting it worked out. Next thing I know, both legs are cramping from the hips down. I got out of the pool, & Mike & I got the cover back on it. I'm still having some cramping, today. Mostly in my ribs & arms. My legs are just really tired. Last time I talked to the doctor about it, he didn't have any new suggestions. We've already gone through all of them & they worked for a god while. I guess they will settle out, eventually.

This coming weekend, we're going to pass out flyers from church. We're going to go door to door at 835 houses in the neighborhood to invite everyone to come to the Neighborhood Fandangle the next weekend.

On the 25th & 26th, we're having the second annual Neighborhood Fandangle at church. On Friday, my friend Boyd Chisum will be back. I'm looking forward to that. Good chance I'll be running the sound board for him, & a visual program, too. On Saturday, a couple of ladies will be here to sing, as well as our praise team.

On Wednesdays, we're now having a youth group. We started just over 2 weeks ago. First week, we had 3 kids, & last week we had 7. Last night, we only had 1, but most of our kids were out of town. It will get better. I have some new projects for them. I have canvas aprons for them to paint & embellish to start with, then we will start working on getting ready to start quilting.

Oh yeah, on the 6th, we're probably going to Colorado. Looking forward to that. Will be a nice way to finish out the "summer".