Monday, January 26, 2009

Time flies

I can't believe how time flies. I've lost track of so much. I should slow down, but not sure I know how.

I feel like I missed a lot of the holidays. We went to Colorado for Thanksgiving, then I made my annual run to Vegas. Things were pretty scattered as usual for Christmas, but day after Christmas, Misty & Alex came & stayed with us for almost a week. I forget how energetic a 3 year old can be. We had a lot of fun, though.

I've spent the last 6 months getting the youth group going at church. I have no idea what I'm doing, but just following God's lead. We have 15 kids who are fairly regular attendees. So much going on with these kids. The church bought an old building next to the church, & we are fixing it up for use as a family center. The kids are working really hard to help make it happen. They make me so proud.

Last week, I had upper respiratory junk, like everyone else around here. Finally went to the doctor, & he first thought it had developed into pneumonia. We dodged a bullet there. I had 2 projects at work with heavy duty deadlines. In spite of taking 2 1/2 days off, I still made the deadlines.

I started a cooking marathon. Saturday, I made green chicken enchiladas. Sunday, I made stew, chili, & mushroom pork chops. I got lazy & took this evening off.

This week, I will have a little tweaking to do on the deadline project, but things will be back to normal on that. Wednesday, I'll have to see what I can get going with the youth grouop. I'll do some cooking for the marathon some evenings, & Saturday. I think I'll take a break on Saturday to go with the preacher & his wife to pick out linoleum for the church building.

I hope my friends are all doing well. I hate that I've been so wrapped up in stuff that I haven't kept in touch.

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Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries and Eggs In My Pocket said...

Jane! Where have you been?? I sent several emails and when you did not answer, I thought you decided to stay in Las Vegas!lol. Sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope all is better now. I have not checked your blog in a while and was so glad to see you comment on my blog. I will email you later, love and blessings,Kathy